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Citizen's Guide to California Wine Country: Temecula Valley 

Just received a copy of the brand new guidebook Citizen’s Guide to California Wine Country: Temecula Valley .  I think you’re going to like it! At around $17, it’s an excellent book to have on hand as a reference guide or to give to friends and business partners coming to the Valley. You can pretty much hand newcomers  the book and they’ll know exactly what to do.

The guide is an interesting mix of winery reviews, tips on wine-tasting, food pairing and a  ‘wine lingo’ glossary.  It also showcases lots of info on restaurants, activities,  transportation to, from & around wine country, and easy to read and follow area maps and descriptions on featured wineries. I had the privlidge of taking the author around to some of my favorite spots when she was here:  Thornton, Tesoro, Keyways, Olive Oil Company, Briar Rose , Hart,  Baily’s front Street Bar & Grill and so on.

I am  impressed with the amount of information built around “the other wine country” Old Town Temecula… which is sooooo much more than ever done before.  Author Heidi Butzine has done her homework.  It’s about time someone recognized Old Town as a unqiue part of what wine coumtry has to offer.

According to Heidi this is, ” A travel guide written from a wine-lover’s perspective.  Inside you’ll find practical information about how to make the most of your time in (Temecula)Wine Country. Wineopolis is more than a travel guidebook. It is also a growing interactive online community, uniting aspiring and life-long wine lovers at”

Check it out, you’ll see what I mean. Should be in savvy Temecula winery gift shops soon, or you can go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Sip, Shop & Swirl ~The Wine Chixs
Linda Kissam



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